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Brent Stover  
Musician / Songwriter

Brent Stover is a Television Anchor at CBS Sports by day and a Country Musician by night.  Based in New York City, Stover primarily covers College Football and College Basketball for CBS Sports Network.  His passion for country music began at an early age, growing up in Emporia, Kansas.  Stover began recording his original music in 2018, and began playing around NYC, and eventually around the country that same year. 


Stover released his first Single, 'InstaGirl Next Door,' in October of 2020.  He released his second Single, 'Her Blue Eyes,' in May of 2021.  His third Single, 'Six String,' came out in June of 2021.  Stover's fourth Single, 'October,' dropped in October of 2021.  On April 15, 2022, he released his fifth Single, 'Comin' Back.'

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